Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pocket Full Of Sunshine

Haven't been here for sooooo long .. been busy for a while but that's not the real alibi .. I am lazy person :)
I've been to Belgrade to see my dear friend Zoranna and had amazing time! Can't wait to see her again asap!
I have loads to study, I mean LOADS! And now I am serious .. so I do not have a spare time at all .. I just wake up at 8, make really strong nescafe, take my lap top, presentations, highlighters and go to the yard and sit there from dawn to dusk.. I got to, I have a really strong motive .. when my exams are over Zoranna & Tamara are coming to see me, and I will go in Serbia again .. and something very exciting happened .. my sister is pregnant and she is getting married in July so I gotta be prepared and look awesome! (hope its a girl) :) and then SEA SPLASH :) cant wait!
I put some random outfit pictures from this phase .. and in the end my cruel reality :)


Monday, May 2, 2011

Friends .. Days .. Nights ..

Me, Adelina & Martina .. perfect holiday in the city ..
cocktails, coffees with cream, strawberry ice cream .. sun, huge sunglasses, colorful nails and outfits, flowers, blue sky .. pure hedonism .. Hope that u all had days full of joy and happy faces ..