Thursday, December 9, 2010

Smells like Christmas ..

Ho ho ho ho ..
cant wait! I <3 Christmas! Its my favorite holiday .. the smell of the cinnamon cookies, hot cocoa with rum, pearl barley with dried bananas, chocolate bricks on the table, hot nescafe with foam .. mhm priceless ..
going to bed knowing that the snow will come during the night, watching 'The Holiday' wearing your favorite pajamas under your winter print sweater, sitting in front of the Christmas Tree, drinking your latte, eating honey cookies, browsing Cosmos's holiday edition ..
Happy face, red nails, fancy leather boots, huge fur cap, warm lovely jacket, skinny jeans, scarf, huge bag, big eyes, nude lips, shiny cheeks and you assistance under the city lights is a must!

I can already feel the Christmas spirit! I am just waiting for my bestie Dela to come from Italy and when she will arrive I will be completely sure that the holidays are on the door step :)

Have you made your wish lists? Mine is done & done :)

.. hope that we will all have very merry and fashionable holidays ..

Friday, December 3, 2010

A women who doesn't wear perfume has no future ..

As I heard .. the name fits perfectly!

Christmas is coming so I wanted to introduce you to Michael Kors newest fragrance, Very Hollywood Sparkling,  launched October 1st. The fragrance is the latest addition to the original Very Hollywood Michael Kors fragrance collection with highlights of fresh sparkling citrus and fruity notes of mandarin, black currant and neroli, creating a bright, crisp scent for the younger generation.

Here’s what Michael has to say about the new scent:
“My original Very Hollywood Michael Kors Eau de Parfum pays tribute to old Hollywood glamour. Inspired by iconic screen sirens, it’s indulgent, sexy and sophisticated. The new Eau de Toilette evokes the budding ingĂ©nue of young Hollywood as she takes her first steps onto the red carpet. It’s her moment to shine and sparkle in the spotlight.” – Michael Kors

So, boys, this is what should be found under the tree! And for the single and fabulous ladies, grab your mom/dad's credit card and buy this stunning fragrance. You won't be sorry! I've already ordered it :)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Style Crash

I had to share this with you .. Miroslava Duma - Mira. Amazing style, beautiful, succesful girl, was editor at Harper's Bazaar (Russia) and now is a freelance writer for numerous publications such as Ok Magazine (Russia), Tatler, Glamour (Russia). She's a daughter of Vasilay Duma, a Russian senator.
She became an international fashion icon with her sense for style and highly coveted and stalked by Fashion photographers. She has been photographed by Scott Schuman for The Sartorialist and Garance Dore. She's 25 years old, an adorable, pretty, feminine and stylish baby-face woman.
Most of the time Miroslava wears dresses or skirts. Ample or short-skinny fit, she looks always feminine as a young and beautiful girl or a smart classy working woman. You’ll notice this in the photos, always pair it up with  a big and eye-catching accessory. Mira never overdo her look.
Some of Miroslava's favourite designers include Miu Miu, YSL, Alexander Wang and Prada. Miraslava is also the founder of charity, Mira's Planet.
You might like her, envy her or absolutely hate her but this Russian doll is the “It Girl.”

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Greatest Of All ..

When I was younger I was totally in love with Nicole Richie. She is perfectly skinny ( I love skinny girls), she is dressing different than others, she is so damn stylish. She got married, she became a mom and I still love her, but now when she has other interests than fashion she is not as interesting as she was.
I was watching The Hills and find couple of nice stylish girls there, but not The Stylish Girl. Lauren is OK, Stephanie can surprise me sometimes and Whitney is above all of them! Then she moved to New York and become a part of The City!
And there she was .. the most beautiful, the most talented, the most stylish girl in the world .. Socialite Olivia Palermo! As you can see, I am fascinated! She knows how to dress, how to wear her hair, how to act, what to say .. she can be sarcastic, sometimes she sound mean, but she is ambitious, talented. I love her style, the way she combine incompatible pieces. She always looks different! She is as pretty in the highest heels as in trainers. The most, she wears skinny jeans and ultra high heels, dresses, clutch bags and her favorite Hermes Birkin. She was Top Shop's face and now she take place in Mango's Winter 2011 Champagne together with her boyfriend Johannes Huebl, model and Matches.
Her father is estate developer and has Italian descent and her mom is interior designer. So I guess that the sophisticated taste is in the family. She was raised on The Upper East Side and she attended the American University of Paris for a year and studied media at The New School in New York.
She is working on her own reality show, declared .. and she is only 23 :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Take me away from this place ..

I am not in my fashionable mood :(
I am not sad, I am not depressed, I am not happy, I do not smile.... I am indifferent!
.. and I think that's the worst!

Nothing to tell, nothing to share, I am not clever these days! A total lack of inspiration!
I am officially 23 .. had the best birthday party last Saturday, the best cake, great presents, good friends around me .. lack of him! Again something was missing ..
but I just need a brake .. somewhere far! Far away from everything and everyone ..  London!
I dream BIG! I always do! I am not modest, I know I can, I know I will .. its a question of time!


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Products that I absolutely adore!

Hey guys,

I decided to write something more about the products that I use.... hygiene products, preparative and decorative cosmetics. After a quick look, you will realise that in Macedonia there is a lack of MAC! :( And the nearest store is in Thessaloniki, Greece. Hope that one day I will be able to buy MAC product without traveling for a couple of hours and passing the national border :)

At first, I will start with my hair. I had way much longer hair before and after the summer and the sea and sun tortures, I decided to cut it a bit more than I used to.... Now its shoulder length and it blond, not white blond, but natural...
I use Schwarzkopf's Total Repair Collection and I could say that its awesome and that I am truly satisfied with it. I wash my hair often and I always dry it using a brush. My hair is not curly but its wavy and looks like a bush so I iron it with my Rowenta hair iron every single time that I go out.
Before I dry it, I am always applying Avon's Dry Ends Serum witch is amazing!


I enjoy in Felce Azzurra Collection for body wash. The smell is unbelievable. Especially when I take a bath with shower gel with almonds.... mmmmmm!

I am not really a freak when its about the skin care.... I know, I know I should be more responsible, but I thank God that he gave me such a good skin and I could keep it in good condition with not too much effort. I use Garnier Pure Active collection for my face.
I just wash my face before I go to sleep, dry it and then.... I know that I will sound weird for the skin freaks, coz I haven't heard that someone is using this cream like a day/night, ALL TIME face cream. My all time favorite retro blue Nivea cream :)

I use Hipp Body Milk and I pretend to have baby skin :) The most important thing is that *The Guy* just loves it <3 The smell and the miracle that it is doing for your skin.... priceless!

When its about the make up hmmmmm, I am pretty boring :) I use make up, but I don't like eye shadows in colors, I love to have porcelain face, nude lips, smokey eyes and nothing more or nothing less. I use L'Oreal True Match Foundation in N4 Buff Beige shade and I love it. Attaches to your skin, covers good, gives u matte finish that I personally LOVE! They also have great range of colors. You can even sleep in it :) 

I love Olivia Palermo's make up (and I love everything she does, uses, wears) so when I say eyes I mean: GOSH TR15 Sense eye shadow, GOSH black and banana eye pencil, GOSH eyeliner and Bourjois Ultra Curl mascara. Bombastic!

I use Gosh Multicolor Blush, Pink Pie and I like it a lot. I do not use it always coz it a bit too much for me for an everyday use, I know I am complicated :) I use it only when I go out at night....

And finally, my favorite part L I P S! I prefer them fuller, but my parents are not too excited for that idea.... I know that some day I will make my wish come true.... till then Viva Lip Plumpers! :)
My evergreen lipstick, GOSH Darling, love the name, love the shade, love my lips after using it.... perfetto!
I also use Dior Kiss 001, Lime Glace and Dior Lip Plumper....

What about you? Can you separate one specific product that you can't live without? I sure can do.... lipgloss!
And the last but not the least!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's Official :)

I've been 'tortured' with 'ages' to put some effort and start blogging :)
I am not as lazy as I represent myself but when I do something I don't wanna be careless, I just wanna give my best!
Who would say that I am an economist in progress? I am not boring, I hate wearing coats, my day always starts after 10 a.m., I love spending money, not on The Stock Market, but in stooooores! Hate numbers, hate bills, hate to be official....
Bill Gates and Donald Trump are not my idols.... I just found my heroes in Nicole Richie and Olivia Palermo :)
I am not shallow but I was not born under the business star.... Probably my diploma would be buried in dust after a while and in that time I would be in my crystal clear white office with pink details, browsing the new edition of Vogue, drinking skinny cinnamon latte, wearing ultra, mega, giga high heels and if we are talking about Monday probably that would be the start of my diet :)
I just love fashion.... IamFashion! And I think that I was born in a totally wrong place.... I adore my city, but I just can't express myself here.... It's pretty tight for my perspective!
I am quite talkative, I have so much to tell and I am not selfish, I am a good listener too! :)
It's pretty late, and I can not concentrate well after my 91891841841428 hour studying today :) Digital Economy is not as exciting and important as my teacher says, I would rather read Cosmo instead :) But who could understand....

This is just a beginning of one fashionable, fabulous and glamorous path....

So hope that u would all have nice and exciting dreams in ur warm duvets....

Nighty Night!