Sunday, February 27, 2011

Everyday Look!

Okey, I am pissed off!
Everyday when I go out no matter where I see loads of disgusting  faces! Literally! Pimples, capillaries, natural blushed cheeks .. Grose! Do these girls have mirrors? They got to mingle something!
When we say natural look that doesn't mean wake-up-wash-your-face-and-go-out! It means DO SOMETHING! Means, nude make up and nude make up includes MAKE UP!

.. foundation, concealer, soft eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, blush and nude lipstick ..
Means get-up-15-minutes-earlier to look good! Means self-care!
Although you have crystal clear face you still can't go out like that! You do not need masses of make up to look good. You do not need smokey eyes to look fantastic neither red plumped lips. You just need to put a little effort and look amazing!

Hope that one day I could erase this post .. hope that one day u will all look stunning!

I will share with you my favorite tutorial video made by Tamara, dear friend of mine, so you can all see what I am talking about ..


Thursday, February 24, 2011


I haven't been here for a while .. I am sorry coz of my laziness :)
I am in love and it's not a boy .. it's a bag called Alexa, Mulberry Alexa .. the satchel at the top of every fashionista's wish list. It's definitely a trophy, statement of desire, the leather expression of cool.
The Alexa was conceived to Alexa Chung, the British broadcaster, model and fashion icon. The bag was first mooted after Mulberry creatives spotted a photography in a magazine of Chung carrying Elkington, Mulberry's classic men's briefcase. They loved the look and thought designing a bag inspired by Alexa. Mulberry has this tradition of naming bags after girls. This wasn't a collaboration with Chung, she didn't contribute to the design.
In one week, after realising 380 Alexas were sold. Three-hundred and eighty women spent £750 on one particular bag. How? Why? Well, its sort of a perfect-bag-in-perfect-time, originally made in their factory at Somerset. Its roomy enough for all of your everyday essentials. Very chic option for any outfit. It comes in two sizes and nine colors.

Oh, decisions!

.. and its taking part in Olivia's closet :) <3