Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Floral & Coral

Even though the exams are still not over I decided not to bring my social life to zero :)
Yesterday my uncle celebrated his 50th birthday in the most beautiful restaurant in the city so I had to look awesome and fancy .. We had a great time .. the food looked so good but I am on a diet and didn't try anything .. drank a glass of white wine and coke light .. that was it :( I am  trying to exercises A LOT, only eating baby food and fruit yogurts, drink green tea and coffee without sugar .. and the results are appreciable.
Then I went out with my friends, mojito and gossip .. priceless :)
The last exam is next Tuesday and I study a lot .. wish me luck! I'll need it!


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Exams are nearly over ..

Two done, one more to go! Can't wait ..
And this one is the hardest, but at the same time the most interesting .. one of the most important subjects on my department .. I am studying International Trade on the Faculty of Economics in Skopje .. and I found it very interesting .. doing that with so much love!
Like my friend say .. I am looking myself just as economics barbie one day .. hope so that day will come as fast as it can :)
I was in Thessaloniki last week .. hazel latte by the sea .. loads of stores, MAC and loads of joy and happiness .. bought two pair of shorts, make up, make up accessorise, perfume and jewellery .. nothing special because I am preparing for great shopping with my friends after the exams ..
Summer plans, wedding plans .. have so much to do .. but nothing until the session is over .. I will assume it like effort that I need to do to take bonus after :)
Also, I dyed my hair a bit darker .. I think it suits me better ..