Monday, November 15, 2010

Take me away from this place ..

I am not in my fashionable mood :(
I am not sad, I am not depressed, I am not happy, I do not smile.... I am indifferent!
.. and I think that's the worst!

Nothing to tell, nothing to share, I am not clever these days! A total lack of inspiration!
I am officially 23 .. had the best birthday party last Saturday, the best cake, great presents, good friends around me .. lack of him! Again something was missing ..
but I just need a brake .. somewhere far! Far away from everything and everyone ..  London!
I dream BIG! I always do! I am not modest, I know I can, I know I will .. its a question of time!



  1. London je moj omiljeni grad :)Zivim za dan da se tamo vratim. Pisala sam o njemu na blogu, baci pogled :)