Saturday, October 30, 2010

Products that I absolutely adore!

Hey guys,

I decided to write something more about the products that I use.... hygiene products, preparative and decorative cosmetics. After a quick look, you will realise that in Macedonia there is a lack of MAC! :( And the nearest store is in Thessaloniki, Greece. Hope that one day I will be able to buy MAC product without traveling for a couple of hours and passing the national border :)

At first, I will start with my hair. I had way much longer hair before and after the summer and the sea and sun tortures, I decided to cut it a bit more than I used to.... Now its shoulder length and it blond, not white blond, but natural...
I use Schwarzkopf's Total Repair Collection and I could say that its awesome and that I am truly satisfied with it. I wash my hair often and I always dry it using a brush. My hair is not curly but its wavy and looks like a bush so I iron it with my Rowenta hair iron every single time that I go out.
Before I dry it, I am always applying Avon's Dry Ends Serum witch is amazing!


I enjoy in Felce Azzurra Collection for body wash. The smell is unbelievable. Especially when I take a bath with shower gel with almonds.... mmmmmm!

I am not really a freak when its about the skin care.... I know, I know I should be more responsible, but I thank God that he gave me such a good skin and I could keep it in good condition with not too much effort. I use Garnier Pure Active collection for my face.
I just wash my face before I go to sleep, dry it and then.... I know that I will sound weird for the skin freaks, coz I haven't heard that someone is using this cream like a day/night, ALL TIME face cream. My all time favorite retro blue Nivea cream :)

I use Hipp Body Milk and I pretend to have baby skin :) The most important thing is that *The Guy* just loves it <3 The smell and the miracle that it is doing for your skin.... priceless!

When its about the make up hmmmmm, I am pretty boring :) I use make up, but I don't like eye shadows in colors, I love to have porcelain face, nude lips, smokey eyes and nothing more or nothing less. I use L'Oreal True Match Foundation in N4 Buff Beige shade and I love it. Attaches to your skin, covers good, gives u matte finish that I personally LOVE! They also have great range of colors. You can even sleep in it :) 

I love Olivia Palermo's make up (and I love everything she does, uses, wears) so when I say eyes I mean: GOSH TR15 Sense eye shadow, GOSH black and banana eye pencil, GOSH eyeliner and Bourjois Ultra Curl mascara. Bombastic!

I use Gosh Multicolor Blush, Pink Pie and I like it a lot. I do not use it always coz it a bit too much for me for an everyday use, I know I am complicated :) I use it only when I go out at night....

And finally, my favorite part L I P S! I prefer them fuller, but my parents are not too excited for that idea.... I know that some day I will make my wish come true.... till then Viva Lip Plumpers! :)
My evergreen lipstick, GOSH Darling, love the name, love the shade, love my lips after using it.... perfetto!
I also use Dior Kiss 001, Lime Glace and Dior Lip Plumper....

What about you? Can you separate one specific product that you can't live without? I sure can do.... lipgloss!
And the last but not the least!



  1. Too bad that I can't find Gosh in Bologna. I sure can't live without my mascara maybe it's because I have really small lashes :(

    Luv ya

  2. meni je najjachi utisak ostavila poruka na kraju
    valjda shto sam okruzena svom tom silnom shminkom na kraju sve postane blaaaaaah :D

  3. If it was just one product that i cant live would have to be foundation, or dark bronzer,just to give me healthy look, otherwise i look so pale hahah, but shhh dont tell ;))) xoxox

  4. lipgloss too :) i use too many things that you use, and also treat my face the same way.


    I'm following you, if you want... vi