Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's Official :)

I've been 'tortured' with 'ages' to put some effort and start blogging :)
I am not as lazy as I represent myself but when I do something I don't wanna be careless, I just wanna give my best!
Who would say that I am an economist in progress? I am not boring, I hate wearing coats, my day always starts after 10 a.m., I love spending money, not on The Stock Market, but in stooooores! Hate numbers, hate bills, hate to be official....
Bill Gates and Donald Trump are not my idols.... I just found my heroes in Nicole Richie and Olivia Palermo :)
I am not shallow but I was not born under the business star.... Probably my diploma would be buried in dust after a while and in that time I would be in my crystal clear white office with pink details, browsing the new edition of Vogue, drinking skinny cinnamon latte, wearing ultra, mega, giga high heels and if we are talking about Monday probably that would be the start of my diet :)
I just love fashion.... IamFashion! And I think that I was born in a totally wrong place.... I adore my city, but I just can't express myself here.... It's pretty tight for my perspective!
I am quite talkative, I have so much to tell and I am not selfish, I am a good listener too! :)
It's pretty late, and I can not concentrate well after my 91891841841428 hour studying today :) Digital Economy is not as exciting and important as my teacher says, I would rather read Cosmo instead :) But who could understand....

This is just a beginning of one fashionable, fabulous and glamorous path....

So hope that u would all have nice and exciting dreams in ur warm duvets....

Nighty Night!



  1. You are my favourite economist :D

  2. dobrodoshla draga, trebao nam je i jedan ekonomista :)

  3. Like like like...yaaay konacno i ti jupi jej sreca radost :D