Thursday, December 9, 2010

Smells like Christmas ..

Ho ho ho ho ..
cant wait! I <3 Christmas! Its my favorite holiday .. the smell of the cinnamon cookies, hot cocoa with rum, pearl barley with dried bananas, chocolate bricks on the table, hot nescafe with foam .. mhm priceless ..
going to bed knowing that the snow will come during the night, watching 'The Holiday' wearing your favorite pajamas under your winter print sweater, sitting in front of the Christmas Tree, drinking your latte, eating honey cookies, browsing Cosmos's holiday edition ..
Happy face, red nails, fancy leather boots, huge fur cap, warm lovely jacket, skinny jeans, scarf, huge bag, big eyes, nude lips, shiny cheeks and you assistance under the city lights is a must!

I can already feel the Christmas spirit! I am just waiting for my bestie Dela to come from Italy and when she will arrive I will be completely sure that the holidays are on the door step :)

Have you made your wish lists? Mine is done & done :)

.. hope that we will all have very merry and fashionable holidays ..


  1. yaay coming soon... cant wait for another X-mas with my Nini

  2. yes ;) I love Christmas too


  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! MY favorite post EVER...Love u 2 my xmas fairy :*

  4. Mine is done long time ago...Hope u will get all u wished for! xoxo