Friday, December 3, 2010

A women who doesn't wear perfume has no future ..

As I heard .. the name fits perfectly!

Christmas is coming so I wanted to introduce you to Michael Kors newest fragrance, Very Hollywood Sparkling,  launched October 1st. The fragrance is the latest addition to the original Very Hollywood Michael Kors fragrance collection with highlights of fresh sparkling citrus and fruity notes of mandarin, black currant and neroli, creating a bright, crisp scent for the younger generation.

Here’s what Michael has to say about the new scent:
“My original Very Hollywood Michael Kors Eau de Parfum pays tribute to old Hollywood glamour. Inspired by iconic screen sirens, it’s indulgent, sexy and sophisticated. The new Eau de Toilette evokes the budding ingénue of young Hollywood as she takes her first steps onto the red carpet. It’s her moment to shine and sparkle in the spotlight.” – Michael Kors

So, boys, this is what should be found under the tree! And for the single and fabulous ladies, grab your mom/dad's credit card and buy this stunning fragrance. You won't be sorry! I've already ordered it :)

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