Friday, March 11, 2011

“It's spring fever .. You don't quite know what it is you DO want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!”

I can't describe how happy I am .. I woke up earlier this morning, made myself iced cold nescafe with cocoa and vanilla, that's  my usual morning ritual, sat by the opened window and enjoyed the sun .. 17 degrees and the endorphin is already between moderate and high ..
I have loads to study .. three exams next week .. so my spring gotta wait a bit! I can't risk my future affected by the sun gleam ..
Maybe I am physical above the book, but mentally I am somewhere else .. friends, coffee, huge sunglasses, floral dress and summer boots - my favorite part of the outfit ..
I am planning to do cosmic shopping in Thessaloniki as soon as possible, to go in Belgrade and for the summer vacation Croatia .. that's a trend that shall never pass! But I still have one exam week and June terms before that .. I can see the end of my undergraduate education and I am very happy coz of that.. and then I am planning to take master also in economy (love my occupation)!
Paris, Milan this year, Louis Vuitton and Mulberry Alexa for the graduation .. hope so!
Plans, plans, plans, plans .. my agenda is booked! Truly hope that I will make my dreams come true .. and The Dream, the biggest one, that could warm my heart .. I would switch-over all of them for that one!



  1. mani se ucenja vidi vreme napolju :-))

  2. NE SLUSAJ ZORANU, znamo svi da je ona mal polupana,lati se knjige i ucenje a kad zavrsis ide leto, PA ONDA UZIVANJE :)))) Divne su mi ove slike and the title...i da nema da day dream-ujes nego stisni zube concentrate,a onda posveti sebi sve vreme sveta <£

  3. Tek sea doaga prolet :D ke uzivameeee <3

  4. i am so happy it is spring too!!!! i adore the pictures...especially the last one...such pretty flowers! :)

  5. We can agree on this, I'm extremly happy sunny warm days are finally getting here, im definitely tired of the rain and cold, Im done! And with warm weather comes new trends, which is just perfect to ptu away our big warm coats!
    I just started :)