Monday, March 7, 2011


Most people that have tattoos got them for a specific reason .. initials of someone special, dates, design that is simply pleasing to the eye, fashionable prints, children names, tattoos designed to commemorate special events like achievements, difficult times or events displayed as a lifetime reminders. They can also represent spiritual statuses, symbol for social rankings, individuality. Typically these will be accompanied by other designs such as flowers, butterflies, shapes, hearts, stars .. Most people have very specific reasons for these lifelong marks and some even have stories behind each one but today loads of people wear tattoos more for fashion and body decoration.
Me, personally do not prefer tattoos that cover large part of the body .. Looks dirty, especially on women.
I have two tattoos, one initial on my wrist and the other one is devoted to someone very special and its on the inner side of the arm under the elbow .. both on the left hand.

What do you think about tattoos? Do you have some?



  1. Nisam neki ljubitelj tetovaza,mada ima ljudi kojima ok stoje.Na Andjelini su mi ok,mada cu nisi uvrstila u izbor. :D Interesantne slike

  2. Great blog. If you want, you follow me and I'll follow you too.

    Alla moda e con stile

  3. devoted to someone special? hmm kako ja nisam znala za tu tetovazuuu???? :p :))) <3 volim jaaaako

  4. Now I have one tattoo but these days I'll make the second! Together with HIM :) you know ... And I Love You ****************

  5. :)))) Svidja mi se prvi tatoo:)))

    Pratim te:)

  6. interesantne slike :-) volim dobre tetovaze :-)

  7. Divan ti je blog:) Pratim te, ako želiš svrati na moj blog :) EVA mi je favorit, obožavam je :)

  8. Veliki sam fan, imam 3 i svaka ima značenje! Nisam za pretjerivanje! DIskretno sa smislom! <3 Pratim!